Monday, November 8, 2010

Rendell Comments On GOP Wins

Analyzing last week’s elections, Governor Ed Rendell credits Republicans Pat Toomey and Tom Corbett for appealing to Pennsylvania’s moderates and independents.
The Democrat says Toomey and Corbett did a good job marketing themselves to suburban voters. Rendell explains why he thinks Senate candidate Joe Sestak came closer to winning than gubernatorial candidate, Dan Onorato.

"Joe did better in the suburbs than Dan did. And I think – when I said that Pat Toomey isn’t a scary person and didn’t say scary things. But Pat Toomey was viewed, I think, by Democratic voters as a lot more conservative than Tom Corbett. I’m not sure that’s accurate, but that was the view."

Reflecting on what the big losses mean for Democrats, Rendell says a Corbett Administration could help his party, by showing the consequences of across-the-board budget cuts.
The governor says he’s run a “progressive” and “activist” government.

"That I think has attacked problems, and attacked them fairly successfully. By using the government as a vehicle to create opportunity to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Now you’re going to see a government without any impediment that is going to essentially reduce or eliminate spending in most areas, and retrench."

Giving some advice to his successor, Rendell urges Corbett not to sell off state liquor stores.
He argues the multi-billion dollar one-time revenue boost isn’t worth the loss of a steady 300 million dollar annual revenue stream.
House Republicans say selling state stores will be a top priority next year.

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