Monday, November 8, 2010

US Airways Begins Callbacks

US Airways says it will be calling back 500 crewmembers in the coming year. The airline says it will need to make the personnel moves in order to deal with planned retirements and projected attrition. Company officials say they will start by recalling employees currently on furlough and will then move on to hiring new crewmembers. The company expects to go through its entire list of flight attendants but it does not expect to get all the way through its list of pilots. The majority of the callbacks are expected to be made by July.

In a written statement, US Airways President, Scott Kirby says, "We look forward to welcoming our colleagues back to US Airways, and bringing new crew members onto the team." The company expects to grow international capacity by 8 percent n the coming year, which will also drive demand for crewmember callbacks. In all US Airways is looking to fill 420 flight attendant positions and 80 pilot positions. A spokesperson for the company says when the recall and new hire process is complete, the airline will have approximately 4,970 active pilots and 7,300 active flight attendants. The airline employs more than 31,000 individuals worldwide with hubs in Charlotte, N.C., Philadelphia and Phoenix.

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