Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Onorato Campaign Finances Detailed

Democrat Dan Onorato spent less than half of what Republican Tom Corbett did on television ads, during the gubernatorial campaign’s final two weeks.
Onorato's campaign spent 2.3 million dollars on television ads in late October, compared to the 5.6 million dollars Corbett shelled out.
Pages of Onorato’s campaign finance report are filled with contributions to county and local-level Democratic groups, made during the last few days of the campaign.
He gave 50-thousand dollars to the Philadelphia Democratic Party, spent 60-thousand dollars on Philadelphia canvassing, and donated a bit under 40-thousand dollars to two other Philadelphia Democratic organizations.
Onorato also gave money to the campaigns of State Senator Anthony Williams, and other Philadelphia-area Democrats, on his way to a 83-17 percent win in the city.
In what some political observers view as a vote of no confidence in the ticket’s chances, Onorato’s running mate, Scott Conklin of Centre County, shifted 10-thousand dollars from his lieutenant governor campaign to his state House re-election effort in the week before the race.

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