Friday, May 27, 2011

AAA: Almost 35 Million to Travel for Holiday

Pennsylvanians will travel in force this Memorial Day, according to AAA. The travel agency’s annual prediction says more than 965,000 will take to the roads, while another 84,000 mean to fly to their holiday destination.

AAA spokeswoman Bevi Powell says the high number of travelers reflects a national trend, despite gas prices hovering about $1.00 higher than last year’s price per gallon.

AAA predicts a total of almost 35 million Americans to take a trip more than 50 miles this Memorial Day.

Powell says when gas prices were high in 2008, travel numbers remained high for that Memorial Day as well. She says vacationers often budgeted less for other aspects of their trips, such as lodging and dining, to make up for the high prices.

As of May 23, the U.S. Department of Energy reports the average price of gas in the Central Atlantic region to be $3.91 per gallon, about $1.08 more than last year’s price.

AAA also expects about 12,000 regional motorists to be stranded this holiday. The travel group advises drivers to 1) inspect their tires, including the spare tire, 2) check and clean their car batteries, and 3) replace wiper blades and wiper fluid if necessary.