Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rich Fitzgerald Democratic Candidate for County Executive

Rich Fitzgerald, who had to resign from County Council to run for Allegheny County Executive, has won the Democratic primary over County Controller Mark Patrick Flaherty.

Rich Fitzgerald got the party endorsement in a close vote and also had lots of support from elected officials as well as labor leaders. Many of them were waiting for him on the stage at the IBEW hall on the South Side when he arrived to claim victory.

People who support Fitzgerald frequently mention his work ethic. He says after a short rest, his campaign will work to unify the party and the region, continuing to create jobs and keep taxes down. He wants to work with officials in Harrisburg and Washington on an energy policy and a transit policy for this region.

Fitzgerald’s first thanks were for Mark Patrick Flaherty’s gracious concession call.

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