Tuesday, May 17, 2011

O'Connor Gets Democratic City District 5 Nod

Corey O'Connor has won the Democratic nomination for the District 5 Pittsburgh Council seat. he faces a Republican opponent in the November election.

O'Connor, son of late Mayor Bob O'Connor, says he will continue to campaign hard against Republican Josh Wander in the general election.

He says he is eager to get started in city government.

"To bring an independent voice to city council, that's going to be able to work with other Council members, other administrators downtown to bring top-mark services to the constituents of District 5 and the city of Pittsburgh," says O'Connor.

O'Connor would assume the same Council seat his father once held if he defeats Wander in the November race.

The Democratic nominee says he's honored by the large voter turnout for a first-time political candidate.

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