Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hands to Gather for Peace Saturday

Kevin May has been at peace events where all the participants form a circle and hold hands. “It just feels really amazing to stand with that many people who share a similar vision for a more peaceful and healthy planet,” said May. Those circles included as many as 40 people and they gave him an idea. “What if we invited everyone in the whole city to one of these and tried to get a circle of one thousand or more people,” said May.

The idea will manifest itself this Saturday with the Peaceful Gathering of Hands (P.G.H.) at the Schenley Park. “We are inviting everyone to bring food to share, instruments, or if they want to share information about peace projects they are working on,” said May, “ Some people are doing some sort of artistic presentation to demonstrate how they are working for a more peaceful Pittsburgh and Planet.”

According to May, there are groups in “nooks and crannies” around the city working for peace and he hopes it will be a chance for them to all get together. He also hopes it will be an opportunity for everyone in the community to realize how big the peace movement is in Pittsburgh.

The peace circles will form every hour starting at noon on the Schenley Meadow. The event is scheduled to run through 5:00pm but May believes it will continue until the sun sets over the city.

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