Tuesday, May 17, 2011

D. Raja Wins

Mt. Lebanon Commissioner and businessman D. Raja, a Republican, will be going up against former Allegheny County Council President Rich Fitzgerald for the seat of county chief executive in November.

D. Raja cleanly beat out Chuck McCullough, a former county councilman who is currently entangled in legal battles for the slot of Republican nominee in November’s election.
He thanked a few dozen supporters in Greentree on Tuesday night.

“I am very grateful for all of your work," he told a cheering crowd, "But we are just getting started.”

In his victory speech, he spoke about his journey to Pittsburgh 25 years ago as a student, how he embodies the spirit of the region and doesn’t want to see it decline due to nepotism, a lack of jobs and amenities such as public transportation.

Although Allegheny county is largely Democratic, Raja said he thinks he will win because feels people are hungry for something different.

"When they see they have jobs for their kids and grandkids to stay here, when they see they have bus routes to go to their doctors and to work, it doesn’t matter, they’re going to support, you know whose going to make that situation happen for them," he said.

He spoke about his dedication to job creation, which he said he will make happen by encouraging start-ups, attracting companies from bigger cities and through Marcellus Shale drilling.

D. Raja will now go up against Democrat Rich Fitzgerald in November.

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