Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Three Rivers Water Trail Map Published

Where can I easily put my canoe in the water? Where can I find a bathroom while I kayak? How much farther? Those are questions that the newest Three Rivers Water Trail Map from Friends of the Riverfront should be able to answer.

Friends of the Riverfront released the map in paper form last week and posted a PDF version of the map on line Tuesday. Board member Judy Melvin says there is information on the map for anyone who wants to get on the rivers in a non-motorized watercraft. “From a sightseeing perspective, a commuting perspective or an exploratory history way,” says Melvin. Among the historic highlights on the map are Sycamore Island, Carrie Furnace and the Hot Metal Bridge.

Each beach, ramp or dock access point from 12 miles down the Ohio to 16 and 21 miles up the Mon and Allegheny respectively is marked on the map. “Who has bathrooms, who has parking, ADA accessible, storage racks, picnics?” says Melvin. The map also contains tips for good trips and for safe boating.

The free maps can be picked up at the Friends of the Riverfront office in the terminal building. Melvin says they will also have them at several events this summer including this weekend’s Venture Outdoors Fest. You can also down load the map from the Friends of the Riverfront website.

Kayaking and canoeing the rivers in and around Pittsburgh has been growing in popularity in recent years. Watercraft can now be rented along the rivers and the price of an entry-level watercraft has been slowly dropping. “Its become very easy to do whether you want to do an hour or a whole afternoon or spend a weekend doing it, it has become a very accessible sport,” says Melvin.