Thursday, May 26, 2011

Successful Campaign for Local United Way

While most United Way chapters got fewer charitable donations this year, the United Way of Allegheny County ran its strongest fundraising campaign in eight years.

United Way of Allegheny County President Bob Nelkin says the 2010 campaign raised $31.8 million, up $1 million from 2009. He says most of United Way’s support comes from workplace campaigns, and two dozen new businesses joined the fundraiser this year.

Nelkin says as a result, the United Way’s programs will be able to help more needy children, families, and seniors. He says Pittsburgh has proven its commitment to community at a critical time for human services.

“As the recession has ended, the human need actually has continued. If you look at things like food stamp usage in the county, it’s actually gone up,” says Nelkin. “So, people continue to struggle, and yet at this very time, state and federal government are contracting their services and contracting the safety net.”

Nelkin says his United Way chapter continues its appeal to Harrisburg to prevent budget cuts to programs that are working.

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