Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pennsylvania Walks and Bike Summit Treads to Harrisburg

Lawmakers and Pennsylvania Walks and Bikes think they have a solution to the Commonwealth's transportation issues: walking and biking. Walks and Bikes held a summit in Harrisburg today to promote state legislation and policy supporting safe pedestrian and bicycle use on roads and elsewhere in communities. State Representative Michael Folmer (R-Lebanon) says that as the weather changes, the demand for walking and biking paths increase.

"It's imperative, I think, as we go forward with any future road plans and as we go do out road maintenance that we start including the bicyclist and the walkers in that planning because people are starting to do it more and more."

Folmer attributes the outdoor transportation movement to rising gas prices, going "green" and a desire for community camaraderie. The summit advocated for three pieces of legislation that focus on right of way for bicyclists and cracking down on motorists using cellphones while driving. Although Folmer did not have any statistics on pedestrian-driver or bicyclist-driver accidents in Pennsylvania, he did mention that safety is a number one priority when sharing the roads.

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