Thursday, May 12, 2011

Photo Contest Adds to Marathon Events

This year, spectators can also compete in the Pittsburgh Marathon by submitting their pictures to a photo contest.

Pittsburgh Marathon spokeswoman Karen Fredette says the Marathon is looking for photographs from five categories: 1) Kids Marathon, 2) Finish Line Festival, 3) Volunteers and Medical, 4) Course Entertainment, and 5) Only in Pittsburgh.

Fredette says the challenge of the “Only in Pittsburgh” category is to show runners across the United States why they should run this particular marathon.

“We want to showcase the beauty of our city, and things that are unique to us. So, our three rivers, our bridges, iconic restaurants or neighborhoods or streets that are just unique to Pittsburgh,” says Fredette. “We’ll showcase how beautiful the city is and what a great experience it is to be here running.”

Fredette says many of the photos will eventually be used in promotional materials for the Pittsburgh Marathon.

“We hear stories from runners who have taken part in the race, and the things that they say to us are just that: ‘The city is spectacular. The volunteers are so warm and friendly. We can’t believe how many spectators came out and lined the streets,’” says Fredette. “We don’t have that perspective, and we just thought that we would love to try and capture some of that.”

The Marathon staff will select the finalists, and the winners of each category will be elected by popular vote on the Marathon’s Facebook page. The five winners will be given prize packages from sponsor Dick’s Sporting Goods, and will also be recognized on Facebook.

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