Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thousands Pack Convention Center for NRA

Thousands of National Rifle Association members and supporters are expected to make their way to downtown Pittsburgh today to take in the last day of the NRA’s annual convention. Over the span of the three day event as many as 70,000 were expected to attend. Among them was Megan Burns of Greensburg who brought her two young children. “Mostly just to see what guns the new manufacturers have come out with and also just to show my kids what the NRA is about and why it is here,” said Burns. She says she also wants to help her children understand the importance of the second amendment and the “responsibility that comes along with owning guns.”

Kirby Lewis came up from Inwood West Virginia for the convention. “I’m encouraged to see so many women involved and youngsters,” said Lewis, “It means a lot of hope for people like myself who are sportsmen and that are interested in seeing that this is a tradition that is continued.” Lewis just became a life member of the NRA. He was at the convention with his father who is also a life member.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee spoke to the crowd Saturday night where he called himself a "gun-clinger and a God-clinger." Huckabee was referring to a remark President Barack Obama made about conservatives clinging to their guns and religion.

The program wraps up later today with a lecture by rocker and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent.

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