Thursday, May 12, 2011

Visit to Spill Site

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley will tour the site of natural gas well spill in Bradford County today. The April accident has made some residents of the county a bit more leery about drilling.
Bradford is one of the most active Marcellus Shale drilling counties in Pennsylvania – but last month’s spill at a Chesapeake Energy well in Leroy Township has given some people pause.
Mike Roberts of nearby Ulster says he’s worried about drilling’s impact on the environment.

"Some locals are finding good paying jobs, which is a plus. But then you have disasters like in Leroy this past week. What’s it going to happen – the long-term effect? We don’t know what’s going on yet."

The spill, which leaked tens of thousands of gallons of chemical-laden fluid, has the Corbett Administration’s attention.
In addition to Cawley, Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer will tour the area next week.
DEP and the Environmental Protection Agency are both investigating the accident, which led Chesapeake to temporarily suspend hydraulic fracturing within Pennsylvania.

Listen to WDUQ Reporter Scott Detrow's extended story

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