Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Workers Rally for Budget Reconsideration at State Capitol

In response to Governor Tom Corbett’s budget proposal, thousands of members of labor and social organizations, and faith-based groups in Pennsylvania converged on the state capitol to rally for reconsideration.

Mackenzie Smith, leader of Unite Here 57, left Pittsburgh with 12 buses carrying nearly 1,000 people to Harrisburg. She says her group believes a rally in the Capitol is the best way to make a stand.

“I think getting out in the streets in addition to voting is the essence of democracy in showing our legislators that we care and that we’re watching the decisions they’re making. It’s the essence of America to get out in the streets and protest and make our voices heard.”

The group also protested at the Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh. “We want to send a message to our legislators and to Gov. Corbett that we expect a budget that is fair, where corporations are paying their fair share. We want to eliminate our corporate loopholes which is the real reason we’re having a budget shortfall in the state.”

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