Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anti-abortion Activists Protest Casey

Anti-abortion protesters disrupted an event sponsored by Senator Bob Casey in Harrisburg Monday, but the pro-life Democrat says the Senate’s health care bill would reduce the number of abortion procedures in the United States.
The event in the main rotunda was meant to highlight hunger and poverty in Pennsylvania, but as soon as Casey began to speak, a protester stood up to confront him.

"Do not trust this man! He’s funded abortion in other counties – China, Africa and America. You can’t feed the hungry if you kill them. Why are you killing children, sir?"

Four people yelled at Casey, and Capitol police took them all away. Afterward, Casey argued he’s led the effort to make sure federal dollars aren’t spent on abortion in the new health care bill. He also backed a pregnant women’s support fund and pushed for adoption tax credits.

"Now some are not interested in reducing the number abortions, they just want to fight about the issue. I’m interested in reducing the number."

The protesters said they were from the group Insurrecta Nex, which labels itself online as a hard-line anti abortion group devoted to overturning Roe V. Wade. The organization also picketed Casey’s house in December.

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