Friday, January 22, 2010

Investment in Electric & Hybrid Cars Urged

Environmental advocacy group PennEnvironment is calling on state government to invest in plug-in and hybrid cars. A new policy paper from PennEnvironment urges government to take a more active role in promoting alternative energy.
Clean Energy advocate Nathan Willcox says lawmakers have the ability to increase demand for plug-in and hybrid vehicles.

"Trying to get more plug-in electric cars in the state fleets, in the local level and local government fleets as well. That would help to not only show that the technology exists and works, but would also help to build and drive the market."

The group also wants to see tax-incentives for first-time hybrid purchasers, as well as stricter fuel standards. Willcox concedes some Pennsylvanians may be leery about increasing their energy bills with a plug-in car, especially with rate caps coming off across the state. But he argues over the long term, electric cars cost far less to run than gas-powered vehicles would per-gallon.

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