Monday, January 11, 2010

Rendell, Senator Disagree Over Chances for Same Sex Marriage

New Jersey's Senate defeated a same-sex marriage bill last week, a few months after similar legislation failed to pass New York's upper chamber.
Governor Ed Rendell says he doesn't expect to see gay marriage any time soon in Pennsylvania, either.
When asked whether the General Assembly could pass a gay marriage bill any time soon, Rendell said "don't hold your breath."
He says Pennsylvania is essentially a "rural state," and that he doesn't think same sex marriage goes with the mores of the majority of commonwealth residents.
Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach, the legislature's top supporter of a gay marriage bill disagrees.

"Is it going to pass this year? Probably not. If you came back fifteen years from now will Pennsylvania still be discriminating against gays and lesbians? I don't think there's a chance in the world that's going to happen. And I think we'll wonder why this was controversial."

Rendell says the focus should be on expanding same-sex partner benefits, and passing nondiscrimination measures like House Bill 300, which is currently before the House.
Leach is hoping to hold a Senate hearing on same-sex marriage later this year.

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