Wednesday, January 13, 2010

VisitPittsburgh Plans to Reach Food Drive Goal

Many local organizations, hotels and businesses participating in VisitPittsburgh’s 2010 Hospitality Food Drive, which began on January 1 and will run until the last day of the month.
The goal for this year is 5,000 pounds of food, and Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for VisitPittsburgh, Beverly Morrow-Jones says she believes this goal can be reached.
She says unfortunately, the number of families and individuals that need help has grown this year, so it’s important that everyone steps up and helps.
She says this is a great opportunity for people to help their neighbors in such hard times. Last year, 1,500-2,000 new families went to the food bank for help, and that number continues to grow as more jobs are being let go and the economy worsens. Jones says that is why it’s important that we grab hold of this problem now before it continues to grow.
For names of organizations involved, click here.
People can donate until January 31 at the Regional Enterprise Tower both in the lobby, VisitPittsburgh’s offices on the 30th floor and at participating organizations.

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