Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Health Concerns at Capitol Cafeteria

Inspectors have found more rodent droppings at the state Capitol cafeteria, a bit more than a month after the facility was shut down for failing a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture health review.
But the Rendell Administration says food services company Aramark will keep its contract to operate the facility for now.
Inspectors found eighteen violations, including more mouse droppings, during a visit to the cafeteria on Monday.
The Rendell Administration says it won’t terminate the company’s contract, but Chief of Staff Steve Crawford says Aramark is gone if the cafeteria fails one more inspection.
The response has lawmakers like Representative Tina Pickett, a Sullivan County Republican, upset.
She says Aramark should have lost its contract after the first violation.

"Does it say that there’s some sort of unheard of reason that they might be able to retain that contract? Does it say that our inspections systems are not properly doing their jobs? But I think mostly it says that Aramark is not capable of running a proper operation."

Aramark spokeswoman Sarah Jarvis says the problems have been fixed.

"The café is in compliance. These DOA inspections are part of an ongoing process to ensure the Capitol café remains a high-quality dining establishment. And we will supplement them with internal audits and surprise inspections by an independent third party."

The company donated 20-thousand dollars to Rendell’s two campaigns for governor, but Crawford says that relationship has nothing to do with the administration’s position.

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