Friday, January 22, 2010

Haitian Orphans Moved

12 orphans from Haiti were moved last night from Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to Holy Family Institute. The social services organization in Emsworth currently houses about 50 other children and will now care for the Haitian orphans indefinitely. The 42 other children who were evacuated from Haiti this week have had their adoptions completed and have been picked up by their new families.
The 2 sisters from Ben Avon who ran the orphanage in Port Au Prince spoke with the media yesterday. Although the buildings were heavily damaged, Jamie McMutrie said they had walls around the houses but "they weren't safe." Ali McMutrie said they heard gunshots and worried more as the people outside the walls became hungrier.
The McMutrie sisters aren't sure what's next for them but said it will involve the people of Haiti.
By the way, the parents of the McMutrie sisters adopted one of the Haitian orphans, a 3 year old boy named Fredo.

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