Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pittsburgh Public Schools Might Pay Exam Fees

Talk about paying for Pittsburgh students’ exam fees on a sliding scale began last year. Next week, the final plans will be voted on.
The board will vote on paying the $86 fee for students who want to take an advanced-placement exam, which depending on their test scores could earn them college credits. They’re also considering paying the $45 fee for any high school juniors taking the SAT exam in June.
School Board member Mark Brentley, says the fees will only be covered for students with low household incomes. He says there are some individuals who are not affected by the fees of these exams, and others who are in major need of the money. Those students will be the ones to receive these funds.
Brentley says there should be nothing standing in the way of students going forward with their education, especially not their household income. He says the school board should go above and beyond their call of duty to make things available for all students.
Brentley says he is confident that the plan will be approved. At this point, he says it has already been researched by the staff, and it should be ready to fly. The school board will vote next Wednesday.

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