Monday, January 11, 2010

Public Hearing on Taxing Large Non-Profits

A public hearing on taxing large nonprofits is taking place tomorrow in Pittsburgh. The state Senate Democratic Policy Committee is convening the meeting and speakers will include city and county elected officials as well as non-profit administrators. Allegheny County Senator Wayne Fontana says he wants two questions answered: should non-profits be taxed? And if so, what's their fair share? He is quick to point out that he is only talking about large nonprofits that own property and use city and county services without paying. Fontana already has legislation in the state senate that taxes non-profits based on the square footage they own, but he says he's open to changing the legislation based on ideas and information that come from the hearing. He says every time there's a budget shortfall the idea of taxing non-profits comes up, and it's time to "get it over with."

The hearing will take place at the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers' Hall, at 10 S. 19th Street on the South Side, Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.

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