Thursday, January 14, 2010

Non-Profit Formed to Seek WDUQ License

A senior management team at WDUQ-FM, Pittsburgh's first public radio station, has filed papers with the state to create a new non-profit in an attempt to acquire the non-commercial license for the station from Duquesne University. WDUQ General Manager Scott Hanley says a station management team with the agreement of the university is working with an organization known as Public Radio Capital (PRC)
"which has in the past helped other stations like WDUQ at universities become independent of their parent organization. We are working with that organization (Public Radio Capital) and with the interest and support of foundation community members and also the university itself." The non-profit would be known as Pittsburgh Public Media.
Bridget Fare, the university's Director of Public Affairs, said indicating that Duquesne is looking to sell the station and allow it to transition to complete independence....
"the university values DUQ's position in the market and the importance of its programming for the community. We're very proud of that success and the station is good enough and big enough to not be under the umbrella of the university."
Erik Langner, director of acquisitions at PRC says they are working with station management and the university to create a comprehensive business management plan and "to build a case for the community to rally around the station to secure the necessary funds and insure the viability of the operation.
Bridget Fare says there is no timetable for a decision and while working with management at the radio station and PRC the university will also consider other offers. Any deal would require the approval of the Federal Communications Commission.

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