Saturday, January 16, 2010

PA National Guard Unit Goes to Haiti

Fifty members of the Pennsylvania National Guard's 193rd Special Operations Wing are headed on a humanitarian mission to earthquake ravaged Haiti. That country has limited communications capability so the 193rd will broadcast information about where to go for shelter, medical care, food and water from its airborne radio and TV station.
Airman First Class Claire Behney (Baynee) of Lebanon says it's the first time the Middletown-based unit is launching this kind of effort for a country not at war...

"This is a perfect example of what we train for, a perfect example of humanitarian missions we participate in. It's not just war missions that we support. We also reach out a helping hand to those in need."

Staff Sergeant Kyle Herman of Carlisle, says in his more than 7 years in the military, he's never done a mission like this before Herman says details about the length of the mission are still unknown.

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