Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fitzgerald Remains County Council President

Allegheny County Council elected Rich Fitzgerald to his fourth term as Council President yesterday. Fitzgerald defeated Vince Gastgeb, a Republican of Bethel Park, in an 11-2 decision.

The president reappointed all councilpersons to their previous committee chairs, citing the reelection of all council members as proof of voters’ satisfaction with their legislators.

Fitzgerald says there is a renewed optimism in Allegheny County, spurred by the success of the ten-year-old governing body.

“I think the constituents of Allegheny County feel closer to the government than they did under the old commissioner system,” says Fitzgerald.

He says one thing he’d like to work on more is the energy sector.

“I think the opportunities with the Marcellus Shale, with nuclear, with wind, with solar… I think there’s no question that energy is going to be a huge part of our national and world economy in the next few decades,” says Fitzgerald.

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