Monday, January 4, 2010

Johnstown Offers Job

At its December 31st meeting, the Johnstown City Council made a decision on the position of city manager, but the mayor says the successful candidate has not yet accepted or rejected the offer.

Mayor Thomas Trigona expects the acting City Manager, whose job as assistant has been eliminated, to stay on for a transitional period to help the new manager.

The balanced budget approved at the last meeting includes some additional layoffs and belt-tightening, but he’s hopeful that next year, the city will be able to improve services and recall furloughed workers by increasing the city’s income. Avenues he will explore include bringing in new businesses and improving the collection of taxes, along with parking and garbage fees. Trigona says most cities across the nation are struggling with budgets in the current economy, and Johnstown is relatively well off.

The next council meeting is January 13th.

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