Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Act 47 Plan Amended, Adopted by City Council

In a 6-3 vote, Pittsburgh City Council adopted the Act 47 five-year recovery plan. Along with the plan, 30 out of 42 suggested amendments by city council June 24 were approved by the state to be added. Councilors Patrick Dowd, Darlene Harris and Doug Shields voted against the plan. Approving councilors noted that it took a lot of work and discussion to come to a decision.

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says he is happy that council members "stepped up and did the right thing." The mayor met with several council members Monday including Councilors Tonya Payne, Jim Motznik and Bruce Kraus. Ravenstahl says he thinks the relationship between he and the members of council is on the mend after some harsh words were exchanged earlier this month.

City Council President Shields says there are many issues the plan does not look over, such as a commuter tax, pension fund plans and structural issues. Councilor Bill Peduto says the plan will certainly not solve all problems, but by seeing how the previous plan has worked over the past five years, he sees it as a lifeboat that keeps the city above water. The plan now goes to be approved in Harrisburg.

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