Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rivers CEO says "Yes But" to Table Games

Rivers Casino President Ed Fasulo says he has been in contact with state lawmakers as they begin debate on the possibility of expanding the state’s gaming laws to include table games. He says he is very much in favor of the legalization of table games but only if the is a tax rate “is one that that we could live with.” “We have asked for that to be no more that 20%“ says Fasulo, “It makes no sense to have a 55% tax rate on table games.” The Rivers Casino still being built on the north shore has 30-thousand square feet of space that Fasulo says could be turned into table game space in 4-7 months. He says it is much more expensive to run table games than slot machines so the tax percentage needs to be lower. The extra cost comes in hiring dealers and pit bosses and adding another layer of security. The Rivers Casino plans to hold test days for its slot machines Aug. 5 and Aug. 7 with a public opening August 9.

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