Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Citizens Meet To Pitch Ideas For G20 Summit

The third brainstorming session for the upcoming G20 Summit was held on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh tonight and hundreds of people showed up. Of the many ideas that were discussed more than a few people wanted to find ways to discourage protests but encourage discussion. Bill Bates wants to see the civic arena open for protesters to come and have a discussion with the most popular points of contention forwarded to the leaders of the G20 to address.
Other people would like to see the G20 leaders meet with Pittsburghers. Grover also wants to see local chefs cook regional dishes for the leaders of the G20. While some people wanted to meet with the G20 leaders for social purposes Adrienne McGrail wants to see the leaders meet with local environmental activists because of the importance she feels should be placed on global conservation efforts.
Angie Saylor wants to see not only the airport decorated with flags and welcome signs but the convention center as well. Saylor said local schools and community groups could work to create murals of the G20 nations and of the different communities that make up Pittsburgh.

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