Wednesday, June 17, 2009

County Council Public Safety Committee Holds Meeting With Shuman Center Director

Allegheny County Council's Public Safety Committee met to discuss recent problems at Shuman Center with the centers director William Simmons. Simmons answered questions from council members for nearly an hour. Council was concerned about employees that purposely subverse the centers policy and with changes that are being made at the center. Simmons said that policy can only do so much and that it comes down to employees wanting to do their jobs correctly. He said that the investigation that is taking place will help him to weed out the employees who are hurting the center and its operations. He says more people may be fired but he does not know when and who may be fired. Simmons said he understands councils concerns and feels that even though they are not happy with the situation they still support him. Simmons also said that the investigation of the center can only help the centers attempt at reaching accreditation because it will enable the center to identify weakness and address them.

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