Monday, June 22, 2009

SportsWorks Suffers Construction Delays

The completion of Carnegie Science Center’s new SportsWorks facility is delayed until late December, says the Center. Spokesman Mike Marcus says “normal construction delays” such as bad weather and slow permitting processes have put the building behind schedule, but he doesn’t expect it to be slowed any further. “What we’re working on now is getting the frame and skin up on the building. Once those are on later this summer/early fall, the weather isn’t really an issue because then we’ll be working on the exhibit and doing all the work inside the building,” says Marcus. The old building was bought late last year by the Port Authority to complete its North Shore Connector Project. Marcus says the new facility will feature many of the exhibits from the old SportsWorks, but will also feature a health aspect that correlates sports and exercise to good health. Though the exhibit will be managed by the Science Center, Highmark Inc. will be partnering with them specifically for the SportsWorks complex.

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