Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mayor Talks Act 47 With Council

Pittsburgh City Council met with Mayor Luke Ravenstahl today to discuss the specifics and the implications of Act 47, the city's proposed five-year economic plan. A vote on the act was held until next Wednesday, June 24th, so that council members and the mayor can think over the plan and assemble any amendments they might wish to make. The plan currently calls for $15 million in revenue that's source is unknown; the mayor made recommendations on filling in that gap to council today. He said that privatizing parking garages is his favorite option, but other options included seeking money from large nonprofit organizations and even raising taxes, as a last resort. The mayor said that his administration outperformed the previous Act 47 ordinance and he doesn't see why that can't happen again. Legislation must be passed by June 30th, in time for the July 1st public safety collective bargaining agreements.

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