Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Path of the Flood Trail

Pennsylvania now has eight nationally designated trails. The "Path of the Flood Trail" has now been named a National Recreation Trail. Today's ceremony was held at the South Abutment of the Johnstown Flood National Memorial, where officials of the National Park Service dedicated the trail.

David Knepper, Executive Director of the Forest Hills Regional Alliance said the national designation of the trail should increase the amount of federal funding.
Knepper said the Parks Service chooses trails that can contribute historical and recreational opportunitions to the nation.

Carl King, the coordinator for the Pittsburgh/Harrisburg Mainline Canal Greenway, said, "the trail follows the path of the mainline canal which was the path of the flood waters from the 1889 flood that devastated Johnstown, giving the trail its name." The Path of the Flood Trail also passes through the oldest railroad tunnel in the U.S., the Staple Bend Tunnel.
King says that gives the 9-mile-long trail such historic importance.

This Cambria County trail will include trail markers noting its designation as well as providing historic facts.

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