Monday, June 22, 2009

Using Math & Science Pros to Teach

Math and science professionals may soon be able to teach in Pennsylvania, under a proposal from Governor Rendell.
He wants to provide such individuals with residency teaching certificates, which would allow them to enter the classroom before obtaining a full instructional degree.
Michael Race, with the state Department of Education, says the proposal would help offset a rising teacher shortage...
"We have an increased focus on math, science and engineering
as learning subjects and those are the jobs of the future, as it were.
But at the same time that we have an increased emphasis on math, science
and engineering course work, we're seeing a shortage of teachers in
those areas."

Race says Candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree and some work experience in their field.
"The core of what they need, which is that relevant knowledge and experience in the subject matter, is essentially built-in to these mid-career professionals. If you've been in a science or engineering field for five or ten years, you have a tremendous amount of applicable
knowledge that can be easily transferred into the classroom."

A residency certificate would be valid for three years. After that time, participants would need to complete their teaching certification. The proposal is awaiting action by lawmakers.

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