Tuesday, June 30, 2009

G20 Security Still Being Planned

Security plans are slowly coming together for the upcoming G20 summit but Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says there are still more things they do not know than things they do know. In the coming days the city will be meeting with labor leaders to talk about their plans to protest the September 25th and 26th G20 summit in Pittsburgh. In the past, labor groups have played a big roll in protests outside similar gatherings. When asked if the city will be meeting with anarchists and other groups that have also made past G20 events a prime focus, Ravenstahl would only says that the did not want to reveal too much about “sensitive public safety issues” to make sure security keeps an upper hand on the protesters. He says it will be important for the city to accommodate “peaceful protesters” but he wants to make sure things do not “turn violent.” The Secrete Service is in charge of over all security for the summit but city and county public safety administrators will be closely involved. Ravenstahl says it is “yet to be announced” where protesters will be corralled and he says “there has been no decision yet.” The Mayor reiterated the Police Chief’s estimation that 4,000 officers will be needed. Many of them will come from federal agencies. Ravenstahl says there has been a “constant line of communications” among the city, county and White House on security preparations.

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