Saturday, June 27, 2009

Western PA Congressmen Disagree Over Clean Energy Bill

Members of the southwestern Pennsylvania Congressional delegation were split on the American Clean Energy and Security Act which squeaked through the House by 7 votes. Democrats Mike Doyle and John Murtha voted "yes" while Democrat Jason Altmire and Republican Tim Murphy voted "no."
Congressman Doyle said the presents a tremendous opportunity "to promote economic growth and job creation while we solve one of the biggest environmental challenges facing the world today,”
H.R. 2454 would reduce carbon-dioxide emissions in the United States below 2005 levels by 17 percent in the year 2020 – and by 83 percent in the year 2050.
Doyle says the legislation would make the U.S. a leader in energy-efficient technology
“Pittsburgh, which is already a world leader in this field, is well positioned to prosper if the American Clean Energy and Security Act becomes law.”

Congressman Murtha says he did not support the original draft of the bill until compromises were made and he still called it a difficult vote.....“But solving America’s energy and environmental problems requires making tough decisions and taking immediate action. The American Clean Energy and Security Act will make America more energy independent and protect people from exorbitant energy costs in the future."

Congressman Altmire said he's long advocated for comprehensive energy legislation that will lower energy costs for Americans and end dependence on foreign oil, but this bill does neither.
“As our country struggles to recover from a severe economic recession, this legislation would raise energy prices for western Pennsylvania families. We need to focus on cultivating our abundant domestic energy resources and investing in alternative energies that will put our nation on a path to energy independence."

Altmire says he will continue to focus on expanding domestic energy production in a way that will create jobs, lower energy costs and help make America energy independent.

Republican Tim Murphy says his constituents are worried about their jobs and cost of living. "This Congress has abandoned Western Pennsylvania in a misguided attempt to shut down the coal industry in the United States, believing that we can't have clean energy with coal...we can have clean coal and clean emission. But we need to invest in the technologies that will lead us there."
Murphy says his legislation would reduce dependence on foreign oil by exploring for domestic oil and dedicating funds to build clean coal plants and clean nuclear power plants.

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