Friday, June 26, 2009

Secret Service To Lead Security for G20 Summit

Security plans are being worked out for the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. It's expected that before the summit opens on September 24th, thousands of demonstrators will descend on the city. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano named the G20 Summit a "National Special Security Event," which means the Secret Service takes the lead in developing and implementing security. James Gehr, Special Agent in Charge of the Pittsburgh Office, says that local and state law enforcement, as well as other federal agencies, will play a huge part in the security. Gehr says there will be an executive committee meeting of the agencies after July 4th and subcommittees will be named that will focus on specific issues: protection for the VIP's, intelligence gathering, and securing air space and the rivers.
Gehr says he "believes Pittsburgh is ahead of the curve" when it comes to planning and implementing security because of experience with the 2006 Major League All Star Game and the many visits last year by presidential candidates.

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