Monday, January 26, 2009

Carson Homestead Pushes for Pesticide Reform

In cooperation with Beyond Pesticides and the Pesticide Action Network North America, the Rachel Carson Homestead Association (RCHA) is sending a statement to President Barack Obama regarding the regulation of pesticide use in the United States. The document makes recommendations for pending pesticide legislation and offers suggestions for alternatives to be used in the future. The white paper, about 35 pages long, was delivered to the Obama Transition Team on January 9th. RCHA Executive Director Patricia DeMarco says agricultural pesticide use can harm farm workers, or even the children of farm workers. Toxic substances like pesticides also have negative effects on insect pollinator populations that form a vital part of many food webs -- including our own. DeMarco says the U.S. government should act now by replacing harmful pesticide use with benign alternatives where it is viable.

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