Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Child Predator Unit Makes Two Arrests

Attorney General Tom Corbett announced that his office's Child Predator Unit has arrested two alleged child predators. The men are from Butler and Northumberlad counties. Corbett said that both men allegedly used Internet chat rooms and instant message programs to communicate with undercover agents who were using online profiles of young girls.

Stanley A. Miller, of Butler County and Bryan P. Hoffman of Northumberland County have been accused of inappropriately messaging and interacting with what they believed were 13 and 14 year old girls.

The Attorney Generals Child Predator Unit has arrested 183 men from across Pennsylvania and other states sine 2005 who have tried to use the Internet to arrange sexual contact with children. Corbett said that parents are the first line of defense against sexual predators because parents should monitor a childs Internet activity and educate children about what is appropriate online behavior.

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