Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PA Farm Show is Not Just For Animals

The Farm Show is in full swing in Harrisburg this week. Sure, there are roosters and other prize-winning animals at the show, but for many of the expected 400-thousand visitors this year, the FOOD is the real highlight. The food court offers sausage, pork sandwiches, fried onions, milk shakes, ice cream, french fries, broccoli cheddar soup, cheese cubes and many other choices. Gail Ferranto of Chester County's Mushroom Growers Association makes her pitch for the food her group is selling. She says, “The grilled portabella is very healthy. The salad is very healthy for you. The deep-fried items are...not as healthy for you. But there's still a mushroom in there and mushrooms are a good source of riboflavin.” And, of course, there's the famous baked potato. Carol Devine of Ephrata, Lancaster County, can't quite put her finger on what makes the potato she's eating so good, but she insists it's delicious. "I don't know but I consider myself a half-decent cook and I can't make a baked potato like this!" The Farm Show runs through Saturday.

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