Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PRHI Sends Health Care Recommendations to Obama Administration

President Obama’s transition team gave the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative and two dozen similar groups around the country ten days to survey area health care providers and consumers about what reforms the new administration should undertake.

According to stakeholders, paying for prevention and good outcomes rather than volume will improve quality, and people should be encouraged to enter health care careers where there are shortages.

Electronic health records are crucial as well, according to respondents. President and CEO Karen Wolk Feinstein says everyone wants universal coverage, but it would mean a huge investment in a system that is 40% waste. She says everyone should get the care they need, but only the care they need according to best practices--and not redundant tests.

Fortunately, because of the federally qualified community health care clinics in the area, Feinstein says she’s never heard of anyone in the Pittsburgh region who absolutely couldn’t get health care, while other regions may not be so lucky.

A summary of the report is online, along with the full report.

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