Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Republicans Tell Rendell to Cut, Not Tax.

Governor Rendell is preparing to deliver his annual budget address next week, but a group of House Republicans is dismissing the administration's plan for filling a $2.3 billion deficit. A group of conservative lawmakers led by Butler County Republican Daryl Metcalfe argue that excessive spending, and not the bad economy, created Pennsylvania's budget gap and Minority Whip Mike Turzai of Bradford Woods say, “The problem over the past six years is that he's [Rendell] been out of control. He's increased spending in the general fund alone by almost 40 percent, when the rate of inflation was less than 20 percent. And he's borrowed $6 billion that we're going to have to pay back to the tune of 10 billion.” Rendell spokesman Chuck Ardo disagrees with that assessment, saying the state is spending money on necessary programs. “If these folks want to see us throw seniors out of nursing homes, they're entitled to that opinion. We happen to disagree.” Says Ardo. Rendell says he's against a broad-based tax, but is open to targeted levies. Turzai and Metcalfe say they'll oppose all tax increases.

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