Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Slows Drivers but Crews Get the Jump

Pittsburgh Public Works Director Guy Costa says all of the city’s main roads have been treated and they are now working on the secondary streets. He says there is still some snow falling and they are going back to main streets as needed but drivers need to be cautious on all streets. Her says the low temperatures make the salt work slower so a street that has been treated may not look like it right away. He says to help the process he has been mixing liquid calcium and anti skid material with the salt. Costa says salt stores are getting low but he is not worried right now. He says another shipment is due in the next few days. At the state Level Penn Dot Dist. 11 spokesperson Jim Struzi says trucks have treated all of the main highways and they are just wet right now. At this time they are working on the smaller routes including all of the “three and four digit” routes. The cold and snow has prompted many schools and businesses to close or delay their opening.

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