Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Tuition Program a "Success"

15 displaced workers in the Johnstown area have stepped forward to claim a free education at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. The School announced it would provide a year’s worth of free full-time tuition to any worker who lost a job in the last year due to the faltering economy. The program was announced January 5th and enrollment ended just 9 days later. College President Walter Asonevich says in that short period of time 100 people inquired about the program and 15 enrolled. He says the school will offer the program at the beginning of each semester for at least the next year. Asonevich says the program will allow many people who could not even think about getting a degree or certificate a chance to improve themselves. He says he expects many more to enroll in the summer and the fall. The school will make sure everyone knows the 15 new students and will make sure they are hooked up with every assistance and support program available to them. CCAC has also launched a similar program for displaced workers in Allegheny County. Enrollment for that program ends in March.

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