Friday, January 30, 2009

City Fight Latest Snowfall

Pittsburgh Public Works Director of Operations Rob Kaczorowski says he has salt trucks out on the city’s main streets and small trucks hitting the side streets in an effort to fight the storm that blew of stronger than expected this morning. He says the city is getting salt deliveries today and is not in danger of running out of materials. He says his drivers are tired but they are holding up and the equipment is also holding up well. Kaczorowski says he has not seen a series of storms this bad in 28 years. He says the temperatures never got above freezing and the mix of rain, ice and snow laid down a series of layers that were hard to remove. He says complaints that streets “have not been touched” are unfounded. He says he even took a ride with a city council member to show him where you could see that salt had been applied but it was not able to remove all of the snow and ice. He says people think streets have not been treated if they do not see bare pavement. He says that simply is not true.

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