Monday, January 26, 2009

CDL's Made Easier for Members of Military

Starting today, members of the military who had been given the responsibility of driving a truck can skip a step when trying to get a Pennsylvania Commercial Driver’s Licenses. Returning veterans who are certified by the military to drive large commercial vehicles or have at least two years military experience driving trucks need only take the written test to get a CDL rather than having to pay for and take the state’s skills test. State Rep. Paul Costa says, “If the military trusts them so should we.” He says a pair of teamsters brought the idea to his attention two years ago, however, he had to wait until the controversy over leasing the Turnpike and tolling I-80 cooled before introducing the bill. He says everyone wanted the bill to pass but they were afraid it would be bogged down with amendments if it hit the floor too soon. The bill includes several other transportation related provisions including the elimination of the rule that licenses plates must be replaced every 10 years. Penn Dot says the current plates last longer than they used to and should only be replaced as needed. The change is expected to save the state $59-million over the next three years.

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