Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PA Does its Part For the Inauguration

National Guardsmen are spread out all across Washington, DC, directing traffic and helping with crowd control including a large contingent from Pennsylvania. With 13-hundred Pennsylvania Guardsmen and women taking part in Task Force Anacostia no other state has more Guard members assigned to the inauguration duties. Colonel Regis Cardiff is running the operation, and says there's a lot of coordination involved among not only the Air Force and Army, but also Secret Service, District Police and FEMA. He says while the rest of the city is soaking up the week's historic significance, the Guard is there to do a job. Adam Korb of Clearfield County is charged with refueling the more than one hundred vehicles the Guard drove down from Pennsylvania and he says there will not be much time for reflection on the day’s events. “More focused on what I'm doing right now, definitely. Dealing with fuel--it's not a joke. You can really mess a lot of things up. So you've got to focus on your job at hand.” In addition to manning traffic posts, Pennsylvania Guardsmen and women are coordinating three charter bus staging areas during the Inauguration.

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