Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Makes Tougher Auto Emission Standards Possible

President Barack Obama today asked the EPA to review the Bush administration's December, 2007 rejection of California's tougher auto emission standards--standards which Pennsylvania and other states also adopted but could not put to work. John Hanger, Pennsylvania's Acting Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, says it will benefit Pennsylvanians in three primary ways: assuring that the very best, cleanest and most fuel-efficient cars are sold here; reducing the air pollution that sickens and kills citizens; and stabilizing energy costs by reducing the demand for fuel.

Some Pennsylvania Republican state senators have said the new standard would be "potentially costly and unnecessary", but Hanger says initial vehicle costs are not higher and when higher technology kicks in, any added cost is recovered, and then some, because the cars use less fuel.

Hanger says some cars sold in other states already meet the higher standards, so he expects to see them in Pennsylvania showrooms very soon.

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