Monday, January 12, 2009

Casey Supports Clinton for Sec. of State

When Hillary Clinton goes before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey will be among the lawmakers asking questions. After meeting with Clinton, Casey he's confident she'll be a solid Secretary of State. He says he's hopeful Clinton will steer the State Department in a different direction, arguing the Bush Administration hasn't solicited outside opinions on any major issue. He says it's critical for leaders at Foggy Bottom to work with the international community, as well as lawmakers on Capitol Hill and , “Senator Clinton respects that, and she knows the value and the importance of engaging Congress. As well as the obvious need to engage the world in talking about these difficult foreign and military issues that she will confront and the administration confronts.” Casey says when he recently sat down with Clinton to discuss her vision for the State Department, he was impressed with how much thought she had given to operational and management issues. Clinton is expected to win easy confirmation.

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